Barnes County – School, Pre-School and Daycare Child Rider Policy

 August 4, 2023



 For safety reasons, our drivers are required to stay with the bus when transporting children. An adult MUST be present and visible to receive your child/children at the drop off point. If no adult is present, your child will remain on the bus and we will attempt to contact a parent or guardian for further instruction. If we are unable to contact a parent /guardian, your child will be brought to the Dispatch Center, Head Start or Social Services. Repeat offenses will result in termination of transportation services. Behavioral problems can also become a safety issue on the bus. Drivers are instructed to report any problems to the transit coordinator for resolution on a case by case basis. Ongoing behavioral problems may result in termination of services.  



Your child/children may ride the bus only after rides or bus passes have been purchased in advance and all required paperwork has been completed. Payment and paperwork must be completed 24 hours in advance of your child’s/children’s 1st ride. If you fail to purchase more rides/passes once they have expired, your child/children will be removed from the schedule until payment has been made. Payments can be made here on our website, at the central office (Senior Center, 139 2nd Ave SE) or by mail at PO Box 298.




ALL cancellations and scheduling changes MUST be communicated to the child rider dispatcher, Jenn Miklas at 701-490-2548. Communicating changes to a driver, school or daycare is not a reliable way for the dispatcher to receive important information about your child/children’s transportation schedule. Pick up and drop off times will generally occur within a 10 minute window, before or after the scheduled pick up time. However, there are exceptions due to unforeseen circumstances

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